Lets See How This Pastor Issue Plays Out…


Speaking in toungues?

Controversial beliefs in “faith healing” and “end times”?

How is this not being questioned, probed, or even made fun of all over the internet?

I mean it is…but it isn’t

It definitely isn’t being questioned the way rumors of Obama being Muslim or his dealings with Rev. Wright were/are…

And that’s my point…is it a question of, are we as liberals too soft to really exploit and deceive at free will the way the GOP has become accustomed to doing without hesitation?

Or is it a question of race?

Like my friend said the other day “Well she’s not black, so her integrity is not being questioned…”

Or is it a combination of both? These very issues are at the root of so many problems in this America we live in, from Jenna 6 to everyday interactions with law enforcement….

So please feel free to comment…



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