Let’s Just Take A Moment To Twist The Knife A Little…(The Story Of How Rudy Giuliani Looks Oh So Foolish A Mere 4 Months Later)

Not so long ago

A man

A very foolish man

Got on a stage at the Republican National Convention and got his panties in a ruffle

Once he was done speaking it was clear Rudy Giuliani had earned himself the Player Hater Award of the New Millennium

For those of you lucky enough to miss it, check it out:


See, the reason why you don’t do things like this (besides the fact that it further confirms that you are a tool) when it’s not your campaign at stake, is because you never know what could happen and how foolish you could look a few months down the line for defending a situation you never had control of from the beginning…

Perhaps the funniest part of the whole thing, and also a true testament to just how much of a loser this man is, is during his own paltry little campaign, he never got half as enthusiastic as this!!!

No, instead he just followed that remarkable plan of campaigning in “just Florida…”

But now that there are television cameras, reporters, and an audience, and all of a sudden you’re a comedian?

Nice try pussy…

So, fuck you Rudy, from all of us here at And This Is My America!!

You think Obama’s rise is that of something that can only happen in America?

No, you prancing around the country glorifying, exploiting, and capitalizing off a monumental tragedy is something that can only happen and be accepted in America!!!

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest folks 🙂



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A Letter To John McCain…


Dear John McCain,

So how does it feel?

The agony of defeat?

That sweet smell of  justice?

Mmm mmm good my friend!!!!

I for one am still in shock.

It’s one thing to want something of this magnitude to happen, but when it does, it can be a bit overwhelming…

I heard your supporters booing last night, and that made me smile.

Nothing like the good ol’ hate train…

That train is never late my friend and this time its a double decker to ensure that your whole base can jump on board.

Now that we are friends, maybe I should be the one to break it to you just how bad you lost…

Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, FLORIDA!!!!!

All lost…

To put it in laymans terms, if this was a best of 7, you got swept!

Now there may be a light at the end of your tunnel.

At least you walk away with your respect and dignity…

Unlike your running mate who walks away from this looking like a puppet on a string.



She’s either going to remain Governor, OR ride her 15 minutes of fame straight to the likes of the Tyra Banks Show.

Honestly, I hope she remains Governor.

 To have to hear “Dontcha’ know” and “You betcha!” everyday could literally drive me to suicide!!!!

The main point of this letter is to let you know that next time, dont second guess yourself man.

Looking back on the irrational moves made by your campaign, you would have been better off picking Romney, sticking to issues of foreign policy, and nixing the last minute desperation negative ad blitz…

Your a small fraction of a percent better than your fellow conservative constituents.

But to a black man born and raised in Brooklyn that shit could save your life!!!!

Cause if I’m rowing a boat in a river and I see you and Giuliani next to a deflated raft, crying for help?

You survive while his little obnoxious, racist, totalitarian ass drowns…no questions asked!!!

Take care my friend, keep the pills away from Cindy…till next time…




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