“Life After Film School” with John Cena?!

Fox Movie Channel has this series of interviews called Life After Film School.  On this series they interview actors, directors, screenwriters, etc.  If they had a shred of credibility left over from their interview of Tim Story (director of Taxi and Fantastic Four), it has now left them, with their latest interview of John Cena.

If you feel like watching 27 minutes of mind numbing conversation click here


Or I can save you the trouble and describe what a bunch of hack USC film students interviewing John Cena sounds like.

Virgin #1: “Uuuumin the final scene when you had to fight that guy on the airplane wing while the plane was moving, who’s idea was it to kill the guy with a bodyslam instead of using a spinebuster when that clearly would end the fight faster”?

Virgin #2: “Yeah I just wanted to know where you got your motivation, you know when your wife gets kidnapped cause you’re obviously a very good, well trained actor, but that just seemed so real!  Sort of like when you were wrestling and you beat Rick Flair, but he stole your title belt after the match.  You totally showed the same anger in that scene.  Was Flair your motivation?”

Jesus Christ I fucking hate people.

– Mike James