Palin vs Biden

So the debate is over…

And no Sarah Palin didn’t win…

(Waldorf won – 51% to 36%…by CNN standards…)

Now I have read and heard some quite ridiculous rhetoric that attempts to make a case that by “holding her own”….which is still debatable as far as I am concerned…Palin somehow won…

I don’t know…if you guys are looking at it like that…your definitely not taking into consideration just how close she would be to actually being President given McCain’s age…

I heard one gentleman say…”it doesn’t really matter if the answers are wrong…people like the way Sarah Palin speaks to them…”


Because she says “aww schucks” and “doggone it“?

That’s ridiculous…it really is…sorry…I’m not lowering the standard and essentially the integrity of our nation to that of a high school student body election…

Conservative men like her cause they want to fuck her and conservative women like her cause it likes “Ha! Thats our Hillary!!!”

Well your Hillary is the type of woman who would take pleasure in overturning Roe v. Wade…a monumental piece of legislation, that in the eyes of And This Is My America is about as important as the Internet, Nintendo, or “Happy Hour” has become to our existence…

In other news…perhaps the best thing I have learned about Mrs. Palin is that there has actually been a porno made in her honor with a look a-like!!!!

Yes…Larry Flynt…a real maverick…has boldy taken it where we all wished he would…

I mean if we are going to have to sit through that awful accent we might as well have something tangible to take away from this whole charade…



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Hey Levi, Button Your Fly.

The Big Winner

Well now we know who Bristol Palin’s baby’s father is. Just a self proclaimed 18 year old “Fuckin’ Redneck” named Levi Johnston. Cool bro! This statement of course presupposes he has an option with the whole being a redneck thing, living in the most isolated state in the Union and all. Hawaii doesn’t count because they have roughly 12 hours of light and less than 98% of the population are old dudes. Levi seems like a regular highschool kid. So kudos to Bristol for that. At least she didn’t get knocked up by some weird Alaskan salmon farmer with a wife and a log cabin full of kids. Plus there’s never really been a better time to be pregnant. Everyone loves pregnant chicks these days. I don’t personally give a shit one way or the other, but from Britney Spears’ skanky sister to Angelina Jolie’s revolving door of a vagina, America can’t seem to get enough of that baby parade.

So Levi, from one dude to another – nice work. 2 weeks ago I could have gotten the governor of Alaska’s daughter pregnant and no one would have cared. Especially her mom. Now the best damn tabloid in the world, the New York Daily News is reporting on this poor schmuck’s MySpace page. I know they have condoms in Alaska bro. You might not have outdoor plumbing or movie theaters – but you definitely have condoms. Maybe next time!

– Steve Indonesia

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