An Informal Commencement of Sorts…

1776 Betsy Ross Colonial Flag

1776 Betsy Ross Colonial Flag

I think about America..

And since this is an informal commencement of sorts, I have chosen to elaborate a bit…

What has always fascinated me about the concept of “America” is, what it means to one, it doesn’t for all. I know, not entirely profound, but bear with me. My mother’s “America” is not my “America”, and her mother’s “America”, a woman who never lived to step foot on American soil and was never even exposed to many of the recent medical and technological advances, definitely didn’t experience my “America”. Leaving me to ponder not only what my definition of this land that i live in means, but also, how important my awareness of that meaning really is.

From generation to generation these ideas of “land of the free” and “In God we trust” have all adapted to the various even flows of cultural progression. And while in previous eras, humanity has adapted right back, I now more than ever feel that in various instances we have become a nation that is reactive rather than proactive.

I mean you look at any major issue in modern America and one can find numerous quick fixes to delay the problem, or mask, if you will, the severity of the issue (ie. economic stimulus plan, proposed offshore drilling). However, what you will not find is a sense of urgency to actively solve future problems. And i mean I’m no proverbial judge on a stand, nor am I flawless in every facet, but I feel like we as a nation have reached a plateau. A mental stand still of sorts where we are entirely convinced we will reach times like the Jetsons, but not willing to invest anything in contributing to it. And this is my America.

I do urge you, the reader, to realize this is not my view of all of America, but rather that of the overwhelming masses. Also, remember that the intention of this editorial is not to poke fun at our country’s current state of near mental retardation that we have become almost immune to, but instead to offer that small dose of reality from a different perspective that may hinder these sorts of behaviors from continuing to play themselves out in society.


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  1. countries should be country’s* 🙂

  2. Oooh good catch Grammarian!!!

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