The Bravest?

The Bravest?

Thats bullshit…shouldn’t it be the ones who did cheat that are considered the bravest?

I mean they are the ones putting themselves out on the front line…look at your man in the picture…

Peaking his head out

Is that not brave?

He is seven and willing to risk his whole academic career to get 4 more answers right on a Language Arts quiz

Talk about living on he edge

For a seven year old, this is about the equivalent of grand theft auto for someone in their mid-twenties

You may think I am giving him too much credit, but you have to understand the limited access a seven yr old has to reallllly fuck shit up, so hes making the most of what hes got…

An opportunist if you will

So lets be careful who we coin the “academic hero” Mr. Ohio State University

This is America, we want our kids to cheat, lie, and steal other kids lunches!!!

Then read the Bible at night and pretend we are sorry for all of it…

Gosh, that young man on the right sure does have all the tell-tale signs of a being a great American hero!!!!



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