An Ode to Team USA Softball…

I tried to stay away from discussing the Olympics, as everyone has something to say about them, but this caught my attention..

Is it just me or does this situation seem like a form of institutional player hating??

So what if these women have dominated every Olympic performance they have been a part of?

Is that not the point?

I thought everyone was allowed to play, I saw Cool Runnings!!!!

Thats like removing figure skating or some of those gymnastic floor exercises because Slavic nations tend to dominate those.

Or, deleting the 100 and 200m track and field events because Jamaicans are out there running like the kid from the Incredibles!!!

Look, the reality of world sports is, certain regions dominate certain sports.

Thats a given.

So with baseball being a prominent figure in American culture, why wouldn’t these women rule at softball which is essentially a derivative of baseball.

I mean I understand people are saying there is a lack of competition but that sure wasn’t the case on Thursday when Japan took gold for the first time in softball.

And besides that, shouldn’t the International Olympic Committee have looked for a way to help further develop the programs in countries that are in fact good and have been able to compete but not take gold like Canada, Australia, and Japan until this week?

Like i get it, the world hates America but god damn, we cant play softball because of it?

Times are fucking rough my friends…



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