Al-Queda Gets Frugal…No, Seriously…

So it turns out members of Al-Queda have learned to continue to perfect their methods to kill us all while saving a buck or two at the same time!

Go fucking figure…

The startling facts described in this article confirm that the global dragnet set up to hinder the war on terror is essentially failing, as terrorists are now able to execute their killing for far less than what it cost many of us to buy a car…


Why didnt we consult with these counterterrorism specialists BEFORE drawing up our strategy plan?

If an adjunct professor at Tufts can tell us that the Bush administration falsely assumed Al-Queda was storing large sums of money in conventional financial institutions, why isn’t this guy a counterterrorism specialist???

This to me is primetime news.

It underscores just how unprepared and misinformed not only our government is, but the audacity they have to pass overrated proposals, such as the USA Patriot Act and the instances of frozen assets described in this piece, off on us as really effective and well thought out vehicles in this war on terror.

Here’s what Stephen Swain, another counterterrorist, noted about the wasted efforts around the world:

I think there is a realization that they are not that effective,” Swain said. “But they need to be seen as doing something to provide reassurance to the public that they’re doing something. We’re living in a false paradise if you think these things will stop it.


Always comforting to know our country is not only failing, but lying about it as well…



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