Wow Bristol, Way To Make Mom Proud….


Chelsea would have never done this!!!

I wonder how Republicans can spin this…

Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol is preggers at 17…

I’d love to see the smile on Obama and Biden’s faces this morning!!!



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  1. Obama and Biden don’t need to say anything and they shouldn’t. Just leave it up to us bloggers. The media is already trashing us bloggers for attacking Palin. We’ll leave Obama and Biden free to move about the country and talk about real issues, the ones that both McCain and Palin know nothing about. Hillary has already distanced herself from Palin and told her supporters to do the same thing.

  2. […] to D. Smith for the tip. Lots of diapers in White House. From the NY […]

  3. Palin has called herself “Valley Trash”. Like mother, like daughter.

  4. Ha ok well see when this one comes whos baby it is 😉

  5. As ever, the Republicans need a lesson in practicing what they preach. Who wants to bet that Bristol was denied an abortion??

  6. she was probably date raped by a Kennedy

  7. That poor kid. I’m sure she had some real plans for her life.

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