The Unemployment Chronicles – #2 – Just To Confirm, Shit Is Still Bad…And Kind Of Getting Worse…

Not to completely sound like a whiny little bitch…

But since this time, I am actually in the report, its fair game…

Turns out the unemployment rate is now 7.2%, the highest since 1993

I don’t know dude…at this point there’s not much more I can say but “Poor Obama!!!”

This should be real fucking interesting come summer when the honeymoon is over – what will the initial reception of his transition be?

Who knows – But I’m definitely monitoring this shit closely because people let Bush fuck things up twice!!!

And it will be those sameeee people ready to crucify Obama after 3 weeks…

For now, all we can hope for is a stimulus and some jobs…

Mostly “off the books” jobs!!!!

I need to find one ASAP – delivering papers, washing cars, I don’t give a fuck I’m about to do it and ride out with these unemployment checks!

Other than that, I’m working on a few backup plans in case my “Fuck Corporate America!” plan doesn’t play out as smoothly as it does in my head…

For now, signing off…



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  1. Join the group, pal. The more college-educated, intelligent and capable people get laid off, the more dissent is going to grow into a real problem for Obama. I really hope he is up to the task, because Bush left him with a gigantic pile of shit to clean up. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and deliver some papers…or something.

  2. Yo y dont you just slap some google adsense banners on your site to get some extra cash.

    -dan (mikejames cousin)

    • WordPress doesnt allow adsense 😦

      But all the Blogger blogs look like Myspace pages so no one takes them seriously – so kind of a catch 22

      We can move to Typepad but you have to pay, and they have their own ad programs so thats the eventual goal, but for now, free is where its at!!!

  3. If you won’t be a whiny bitch I will. 5 months and counting. I was laid off after 13 years at HP. Didn’t even see it coming. No raises for 4 years. Record profits. Fuck’em.
    You’re right, Bush screwed things up and left Obama with a ticking time bomb. Good luck President-elect Obama you’re going to need. BTW do you need someone to wash your car?
    What is this “Fuck Corporate America!” plan you mentioned? I’ve got some free time…

  4. Here I am starting a conversation (blog) about places, people, experiences that equate to a skidmark on life and I started with places…I should have a category titled ‘Bush’, though I am not sure any nameserver could cope with the volume of comments!

  5. you might want to check out to help you…

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