Someone Help Me Before I Choke This Bitch…

Sure I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…fuck my job..and more importantly fuck my boss…

Corporate America is killing me slowly folks…

Counting down the hours before you can leave, right after you walk in the door is definitely not the way to spend your week…

I have never been this bitter in my life…well yes I have but this is way worse….

The problem is I’m stuck…

I, like many young Americans, have a semi-useless degree unless I pursue graduate school, which I can’t, since I am already in a little bit of debt from undergrad and the economy is in the shitter…

So until shit gets better (HA!) I might as well suck it up, get drunk, and continue to develop this blog and apply to openings as a Chippendale’s dancer every chance I get…

So why do I hate my boss?? Here’s a quick look at just some of the annoying shit she does on a daily basis…

  • She wont stop talking about her little dirty ass kids – Now I hate children, but thats besides the point. The point is, even if I did like those little smelly motherfuckers, I still wouldn’t want to be filled in on every detail of her crusty kid’s lives. I mean come on, this is work bitch, separation from home and the office. Would you like it if I came in and I filled you in on every nut I busted the night before?
  • She wont stop talking – This is a killer, once she is done filling us in on her 3 kids, it appears she is just getting warmed up – From how much of her husbands money she spends monthly to how many new ugly, gaudy fashion mistakes she has picked up at Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdale’s – The woman is rich and she clearly doesn’t get that I am one bad day away from slapping the shit out of her, stealing all her jewelry, and pawning it for a pound of purple haze…
  • I think she thinks I actually like my job – This sucks because she gives me at least 2-3 uncomfortable, old lady like “hi-fives” every day…I mean honestly guys she makes me feel like I just walked onto the panel of The View
  • Last but not least she is one of those people that likes to ask you a question and cut you off half way through the middle of your answer and answer the question herself – Someone please help me before I choke this bitch…



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  1. That’s how all women are, just a waste of time and pure dead weight ,you should quit your job so that you don’t have to tolerate a woman.

    Feminism has fucked up a lot of things and the work place is one of them, feminism is a plague, employers have certain obligatory quotas to hire women, that’s fucked up because employers are obligated to hire those dead weights.

  2. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. I have the same problems at my own workplace after we got a female boss (the male boss was quoted out of buisness to fill up the female-quota,even though everybody liked him)

    The irony of this is that this is a typically industrial workplace with only men as workers(on the floor,that is),and now we have a female boss who comes straight from the school-bench without ANY experience with hard physical labour on the floor BEFORE being our boss.

    I can feel everyday that the frustration is boiling,and sooner or later it will explode.

    (If not all of us r quiting the job before that)

  3. So quit bitching and look for a different job. Nobody’s got a gun to your head, you whiny little git.

    I know why you hate children: you’re jealous of them for getting the attention you want.

    • okay he can have his own opinion so just shut up and stop being a dick, assface

  4. I can’t speak for D. Smith but I’ll say on a personal level, MORE WORK is the last thing I want in my life. And yes there is a gun to his head, the same gun that’s to my head and the rest of us poor working slobs and that gun has a name, it’s called RENT. And it ain’t fucking cheap, unless you want to live out in the fucking sticks.

  5. Yea Mr.Some Guy…you seem to forget we are soldiers over here at And This Is My America…On the frontline…working hard to entertain little shit eaters like you!!!

    And who doesn’t hate children????

    Dont hate the player…hate the game my friend…

    Dont get all emotional with us because you got your little shitty newborn on your lap…

  6. You’re an idiot. No wonder you’re so miserable.

  7. I detect a mother on our hands

  8. Or just your ordinary run of the mill hater…either way they probably have bad breath and a loose pussy…

    Fuck em!

  9. I totally agree. Some people just deserved to be choked. I’m in a high school computer art class right now, and these fucking kids wont shut up about how they think obama is the devil, islam is evil, WWIII is coming, etc. I really just want to choke the last ounce of life from every one of these little cunt-guzzling gutter-fucks. As for female bosses, I think shes just annoying, but thats no reason to hate all women. Clearly Man-drone has some serious problem finding women that arent cuntcruisers.

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