Close But No Cigar…While Opportunistic in Theory, These Female Bank Robbers Turn Out To Be…Well, Just Dumb…

Who Would Have Thought - Outlaws!

Smith told CNN she was going through a bad divorce and that robbing a bank “made me feel like I was in control again.” She is one of a growing number of female bank robbers, a crime normally committed by men.


Very Thelma & Louise-esque

I’ll tell you what though, these chicks are smart…well not that smart, because they got caught

But, they had the right idea

Look at them

They look like two college chicks

They could pass for the Bush daughters

I’m sure the security guard didn’t even bat an eye when they walked in

Now replace them with me…

Black (I mean do I really need to even go further), fitted hat on low, an oversized hoodie, jeans…

…and I’m not even going to rob the bank, I’m just going to make a deposit!,

But rest assured, they would be alert and ready for my ass!

That’s why I’m like good!

I’m glad they got caught

They were about to swindle their way into a free $10,000 pay day

Simply because they are unsuspecting?

That shit would never happen to me!

If I did manage to get my hands on 10 thousand illegal dollars, I can guarantee I would have had to fight, shoot, and stab to get it!

None of this, walk in and slide a note to a nervous teller bullshit, like its the beginning of a Schwarzenegger flick

Back to reality ladies…

She went on wild spending spree, going through most of the money before her arrest several days later. She said she would never again rob a bank, because her arrest and incarceration nearly destroyed her parents and two kids. But Smith admitted that the thrill was addictive. “I loved the danger in it. I wanted to get more money. I wanted to keep doing it. That’s how it really felt — an adrenaline rush. Perfect.”

I must say, I love the “I wanted to get more money” part.

Talk about a simple, honest statement…



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  1. I hear that. As soon as I walk into a store, the security guard starts following me around, without even trying to be discreet. And I’ve been stopped and questioned by the cops twice this year, for no reason, just riding my bike.

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